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yearly unplanned pregnancies in the U.S. from women already on birth control


higher risk of pregancy when the pill is not taken on time

Intelligent Reminders

Diem provides automatic timely reminders so you never worry about missing a pill. With the smart pouch, Diem knows if you've taken the pill and adjusts reminders accordingly.

Accurate Usage Tracking

The Diem smart pouch records when you take oral birth control in and out of it. The app provides accurate and useful information about your pill consumption habits.

Helpful Advice

Diem gives you peace of mind even when you forget, letting you know of steps to take when pills are not taken on time, so you don’t feel anxious.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Diem smart pill pouch safely and stylishly stores your pills, while taking note of when you take them. The Diem app sends you reminders only if you forget, and gives you helpful professional advice based on your personalized usage diary.
Diem's smart pill pouch uses miniature sensors to detect when you take a pill. The pouch connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone, so that you see how you've been doing. The information is integrated through our algorithms to give you risk levels as well as personal feedback.
Alarms are passive. They can be snoozed or simply missed. Diem sends you an alarm when needed, through the pouch or through your phone. Diem knows if and when you actually took a pill, so it can make sure you take your pills without being annoying.
Without Diem, you would be at a loss, frantically Googling your way or calling your doctor. Diem automatically sends you concise instructions on what to do in case you miss a pill or two. You might not even know you missed one, but Diem let’s you know when it happens.
It does not. The Diem pouch has onboard memory independent of your phone, for its reminder and monitoring features. However, to sync your calendar and view insightful usage pattern information, the pill and pouch need to be connected via Bluetooth.
It most likely will. The basic Diem pouch is designed to accommodate all of the most popular pill brands. In addition, there will be custom sized pouches in future releases to make sure every size fits!
Absolutely. We offer a variety of styles and materials from cute fabric designs to chic leather. We are working with manufacturers to allow future pouches to be fully customizable.
We are currently working hard on perfecting all features, so that Diem will be simple and fun to use!
The best place is your doctor or gynecologist. Doing some of your own research online is helpful. With Diem, you would get a concise versions of all relevant information right on your phone tailored specifically to your pill brand and usage habits!